Why I Am So Passionate About Vestibular Disorders…

After diagnosis, I became a therapist who needed therapy (VTR). Really? I find such irony in this! Now, I’m learning to live life with a chronic invisible disorder which has left me a ‘shell of what I once was’… I hear this description used by many of my new peers, the dizzies of the world. Thanks to our virtual world, I am able to communicate with dizzies from the other side of the world! Sadly, what happened to me, happens to hundreds of people every day. They are misdiagnosed or never diagnosed and suffer for it. My diagnosis was in 2003…and it continues today in 2017? I don’t want one other person to wind up like me! This is why I am so passionate about Vestibular Disorders.

I find this absolutely unacceptable and found many others in agreeance.  I teamed with a group of 11 empowered Vestibular patients from all over the world. Headed by Tania Stadsbader, author of Dizzy Me Shedding Light On Balance: A lifeline for patients, A handbook for doctors. by herself and Floris Wuyts. Together, the eleven of us created a petition which will be presented to The World Health Organization/WHO, Vestibular patients for smarter doctors and better patient care. Please take a moment to read, sign, and comment! I love reading the reasons why a person has signed it and where they live. This truly is a worldwide issue! 

Change.org https://goo.gl/tyogSv       


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