There Once Was a Time…

There once was a time, I felt so young and free…

A time when I danced the night away

Without a thought

I wore spike heels and I strutted my stuff,

And yes, I thought I was all that…

I got in my car whenever I pleased, driving on highways to towns  hours away!

I drove on huge highway ‘mix-masters’ elevated multi stories, maneuvering the figure 8 curves, able to gaze below.

Without a thought, I once did so much.

Now, it feels  I have to give everything a thought…

“Will I be dizzy and nauseous today”? This is usually my first thought of my day.

“Will I be able to follow through with plans, even fun ones like getting my hair done (I didn’t the other day).

“Will I be able to accomplish anything”? I started 8 ‘projects’ this past week and didn’t complete one! They ranged from simple housework to writing my Blog (this being one of three I started).

“If Mike asked me to go out, could I”? Usually not… Oh, I have a million excuses for this one! A movie might have triggers, fun as it might be, no. As for eating out, places don’t stay open that late around here, besides the way smells affect me now which makes meals difficult.

I long to be the me I used to be…


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