Giving Thanks…Better Late, Than Never…

It seems so much of my blog concerns all the things I can’t do, or don’t have. I think it makes me appear to be ungrateful for all I do have. For this season of Thanksgiving, I will concentrate on all I’m grateful for…

I am eternally grateful to my husband. I am grateful the very young man I married is still truly, madly, deeply in love with me. I am grateful he grew into the man he is today, a very hard working man. A compassionate man, who took our marriage vows so seriously at the age of 20. Mike truly believes in the ‘for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer…’ aspect of marriage. We will be together ‘until death do us part’. I’m sure, part of this comes from all we’ve been through in our 43 years together. We’ve dealt with these particular vows, multiple times, and the vows always win out. I am very grateful for that!

I am grateful for my two children. I was in heaven while raising them, no doubt about that! I am grateful I was able to be a ‘stay at home’ mom, there were sacrifices made in order to do so, but it was worth it. I am grateful for my two grandsons who have given me purpose. I am grateful my dad is still here at 89, he’s an amazing man I never really got to know and truly appreciate him until mother became sick. He’s a fantastic role model of a husband, dad, granddad, and now great granddad. I’m grateful for my siblings.

I’m grateful for our friends we’ve had since Mike and I got together. It’s a wonderful mix of people and personalities. I’m grateful each time we make it to our annual campout and get to see this group of insane people! Being around them keeps me young and that’s a great thing.

I will end my gratitude list with you all who read my blog! You guys make me want to get up and write, get into myself, and for that, I am grateful!


6 thoughts on “Giving Thanks…Better Late, Than Never…

  1. Margaret, your blog is wonderful. Never knew you had been sneezed on and caught this illness. Thank you for sharing your story and educating others. God bless you


  2. Thank you for that. I think I too tend to dwell on the negative because there are so many things I once did easily that I too can no longer do and it is very frustrating. It is like being an old lady at 48. I always kept a clean house….immaculate house. I can’t vacuum anymore as the vibrations cause instant vertigo and tipping about to fall over. This will last for a good week or so. It isn’t worth it. By the time I feel better I have to vacuum again! I have weird vertigo. It is cervical vertigo and nothing seems to work but time. I should take time, to be thankful that I am still able to do many things. So thanks for taking the time to remind each of us to be thankful for the things we can do.


    1. It’s so easy for us to forget the simple things, like being grateful. I too was a great homemaker prior to this. I’m just glad my children were grown! I can’t imagine trying to mother a child like this. Yes, I’m familiar with the Cervical Vertigo and it sounds extremely challenging. Thank you for reading and take care!


    1. Thank you, Kathleen! I thought it was about time to profess my gratitude, as I do tend to be ‘down’ a lot. It’s a ‘ride’ we never voluntarily got on and can’t ever get off of though!


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